Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pallets : Extraordinary Uses for An Ordinary Object

Pallet Projects: What "wood" you do?

I never realized just how many creative ideas could come out of an old pallet. Not only is it a great way to repurpose our resources, but it is inexpensive too.  Take a look at my collection of inspiring indoor and outdoor pallet projects that cost virtually nothing to create but add lots of pizzaz to any home or garden.

Keep in mind that pallets are made from a rough low grade wood, and may need to be disassembled -- a time consuming process. For a quick easy method use a saw with a blade for nail cutting.

When shopping for pallets, look for heat treated, not chemically treated pallets, especially if you plan on using them for interior furniture or gardening projects.

Pallet garden project source:  Recyclart

Pallet headboard source:  http://pinterest.com/pin/228628118556212148/

Pallet hanging rack source: www.willowhavenoutdoor.com

Pallet wall shelf source:  www.notquiteamishliving.com

Pallet bookshelf source:

Pallet coffee table source:

Shipping pallet daybed source:

Pallet garden source:

Pallet wall art source:

Pallet wine glass and wine bottle holder source:

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