Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The color orange is not just for fall decorating anymore

The color orange has always been a popular fall color, but it's now being used less than sparingly in home decorating and decor. The nice thing about this color is that a little orange will go a long way.

Like with any color trend, this color will not remain the color of the year forever. It's always a wise idea to use trendy colors on less costly items. Avoid buying big ticket items such as furniture or custom drapes. Instead, use bold color on smaller ticket items that are less expensive to replace. For example, paint an accent wall in orange or use a splash of it in accessories, throw pillows, or area rugs.

Below is a collection of ideas on how to use orange in decorating and home decor.

If you like orange, but have hesitations in using it, try using a variation of the 
color in accent pillows. This rooms neutral color tones grounds the rooms 
overall look while he throw pillows accentuate the space without overtaking it.

A splash of orange is all that is needed in this dining room. When used
against white walls, this bold color makes a statement without stealing the

This kitchen's orange window trim pops against the bright white cabinets. Only
a splash of color is needed to accomplish the job. (photo source:

The orange place mats can be easily and inexpensively replaced once the
orange trend starts to fade. (photo source: Jason Ball Interiors,

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