Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Generation Home Preferences: Dream Homes Vary by Generation

Generation Homes: Does Your Home Tell More About You Than You Think?

Different generations have diverse preferences when it comes to choosing a home.  Think about what you like in a home, then check below to see what a majority of the buyers in your age group are looking for in a home.

Generation Y House (20’s – mid 30’s)
  • Contemporary in design and not afraid of color
  • Want smaller homes, smaller yards, and low maintenance, so they have time to travel.
  • They can’t remember life without a computer, so they research everything, including buying a home
  • Tech savvy so they are more customization oriented
  • Culturally diverse group of friends
  • Likes flex spaces

Generation X House (mid 30’s – mid 40’s)
  • Contemporary in style
  • Big on entertaining
  • Women play a big part in the decision process
  • Prefers open spaces and outdoor spaces
  • Family oriented (50% have families so themes are important)
  • Wants closets and cubbies for storage
  • Likes flex spaces

Boomers House (50’s – mid 60’s)
  • Prefer single family homes with amenities
  • Love to entertain
  • Facing retirement but still want to be active
  • Want to be near shopping centers and medical services
  • Wants a floor plan to adjust to their lifestyle
  • Prefers off white with chocolate glaze or dark finish cabinets
  • Able to afford a little more in upgrades

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