Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spooktacular Halloween Party Food

Gross Halloween Party Food

Halloween party food will add a delightful spookiness to any festivity. Make a spooktacular impression with these creepy party treats, great for guests of all ages. Collected from Pinterest, these gruesome recipes are easy, inexpensive, and fun to make.

Witchy Finger Cookies

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For a horrifyingly scrumptious desert, roll out sugar cookie dough into a thin line. (The dough will spread when baking). Score at the knuckles and apply an almond shard at the tip. Bake as directed. Brush cooled cookies with a little cocoa powder to add contrast. They are creepy but delicious!

Witch fun fact:
Witches are usually seen with a black cat, flying on a broom stick or stirring a cauldron, but in earlier times, witches were considered healers and women of wisdom. Their cauldron (pot), broom, and cat are all symbols associated with the women's work and the household.

The Puking Pumpkin

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This spin off of the jack o' lantern may disturb the digestion of any guest, but it will also evoke laughs and entertainment for all ages. All it takes is your favorite guacamole dip and a carved pumpkin.

Healthy Halloween Pumpkins

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Peeled tangerines and a piece of celery stick, can it get any easier?

Jack O' Lantern fun fact:
The jack o lantern dates back to a Celtic story of Jack Stringy, a drunk, who made two broken deals with the devil. Upon his death, neither God nor the devil would accept him. Jack wanted to make his way to heaven, so the devil threw him a piece of hot coal inside a carved turnip, but legend has it that Jack has been roaming the earth with it ever since. To scare away Jack or other wandering evil spirits, the Irish would make their own version of the jack o lantern by carving scary faces into turnips. As Halloween evolved in America, the turnip was replaced by the pumpkin.

Halloween Screamers

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These screaming pigs-in-a-blanket are unquestionably creative and a perfect Halloween hors de’oeuvre.

Zombie Boogies

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Green candy coated popcorn will be a horrifying delight for any of your party guests. The recipe is super easy and the awesome zombie boogie bags are available for purchase too.

Jello Worms

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Your party ghouls will love to gobble up these tasty squirmy worms made from bendable straws and jello.  Wrap straws in a rubber band and place into a glass. Gently pour jello into the straws, let the jello set, then release the worms by running the straws under warm water.

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